Profit-CenterFour years ago, a person parking in the company parking lot dinged the door on my new  truck. He or she opened their car door too wide. At the time, I thought, “wow, I could file a lawsuit for damages and become the new profit center for my family.” Okay. I thought something else (which

GoldRushOn January 24, 1848, John Wilson Marshall was building a water-powered sawmill for John Sutter. The mill was close to Coloma, California, near the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Marshall was a carpenter who had emigrated from New Jersey. Although Marshall wasn’t looking for gold, he later claimed that he knew immediately upon seeing

BanishBetterIn the United States, we are in the thick of a presidential race and so far all I know is that things will be better. Every candidate uses every opportunity he or she gets to tell me how things will get better if he or she is elected. As Americans, we will be taller, stronger,

PredictiveLawFirmOne of the trends wrought by the new era of technology is to reimagine your product or service as a new category. Hotmail isn’t an email service, it is the web as a platform (since Hotmail is a web-based service). Tesla isn’t a car company, it is an automaker as an energy company (since a

PeopleAnalyticsLet’s be honest with each other, you dislike the billable hour. Firms may benefit from using it and some lawyers may personally benefit, but that doesn’t mean anyone likes it. Since the 1960s, when using the billable hour as the way to charge for legal services grew from odd to mainstream, lawyers have not enjoyed

BigDataIn a recent Harvard Business Review article, Kira Radinsky makes the argument that we need to start thinking about companies that have large historical data sets and block others from getting access to them as potential monopolists. Ms. Radinksy, the CTO and Co-founder of SalesPredict, explains how some technologies, like search engines, operate best

The Friendship Algorithm of Dr. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Lawyers have the reputation of being, shall we say, weak when it comes to math. Of course, many lawyers stopped taking math when they graduated high school and followed degree paths in college that helped them avoid math. Some lawyers

UTBMS CodesWhen I talk about metrics with many people in the U.S. legal industry, the conversation frequently turns to the use of UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System) codes. The UTBMS system has been around for a while (Jim Hassett wrote a nice piece about UTBMS code history and resurgence posted here) and I know many