Bob Dylan. Uncredited.
Bob Dylan. Uncredited.

Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate, said it well.

This is my last post on SeytLines as the times for me are changing. Almost four years ago to the day, I decided to move my career in a new direction. In the past, we described that change as retiring. But,

PapillonIn 1974, Allied Artists Pictures, Corona-General, and Solar Productions released Papillion, a movie based on Henri Charrière’s book by the same name (his nickname, which is the French word for butterfly). The book covers the time he spent in the brutal French Guyana penal system. Charrière became famous for his many attempts to escape

I recently had an interesting conversation with one of my Twitter followers. He had challenged my use of a certain social media tool. He pointed out that many studies show the tool is ineffective. These studies use data gathered from a broad swath of Twitter users. He was relying on studies that used data which

LawDeptWe move forward by challenging the way things are today. It is easy to look at the world, see what is happening, and assume that is the way it has been and will be. It is hard to imagine a different future, but if we do, we often find ways to improve. The chatter today

MeteorYou must have seen the movies. Even if you haven’t, you know the plot. Computers (typically, but not always, in human form which makes them more threatening and/or more likable) have intelligence surpassing that of humans. Things go bad, but at least one human is on top of it. In the end, humans win and

DataStupidIt was the 1992 election campaign, and James Carvill, candidate Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist, was fighting to keep the troops focused on what mattered. He hung a sign in the campaign’s Little Rock, Arkansas campaign headquarters with three messages:

1. Change vs. more of the same

2. The economy, stupid

3. Don’t forget health care.

MusicI remember going into the basement of our house in the 1950s and 60s and listening to music on the large record-payer we kept there. The LPs, as they were called (LP for long playing) spun lazily at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. The discs were thick, heavy vinyl and you had to handle them

EliteMany years ago, I stepped away from practicing law for a while and ran a large manufacturing and distribution facility. I had started at the company as a lawyer, but almost overnight I became a vice president and general manager leading over 500 people (soon to grow to 700). I had an MBA, which meant