Friday mornings reminded him of clearing the gutters after a major windstorm. It was hard work with few psychic benefits. Judge A.M. Smith (A.M. To his friends, Atticus Marshall to his mother) was a U.S. federal appellate court judge. He sat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 15

OverHypeWe know Benjamin Franklin for his many sayings. Some he created, most he borrowed and improved. One we all know. Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. Everyone has a take on the third, so I will add my voice to the fun: artificial intelligence in law is over-hyped. If the hyping AI

SiloI spent my formative years in Illinois and part of my college years and working years in Iowa. I have seen my share of silos. But the silos lawyers construct top anything scattered among the cornfields. If we had a silo competition, lawyers would take the top prizes every year. The closest I found was

TippingAs my kids used to say, “made you look”! Remember, we rarely know a tipping point until we have passed it. We see them while looking back. We realize the world changed as we watched another cute cat video. For the record, I prefer the video of Professors Collins and Stone talking with Judge Posner.

DataAccessAccording to AngelList, there are over 1,000 startups focusing on legal industry solutions. But, as Keith Lee points out in a nice post here (and you should read the comments) that number is inflated. After pulling out the long-departed, large firm “startups,” and other misfits, the total number of legal industry startups drops. And, of

TrustMost of you probably subscribe to Netflix. Some of you may be Netflix addicts (House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black). But even if you are not an addict and do not subscribe, you have heard about Netflix. It is the company that obliterated Blockbuster and pretty much every other video rental store.


CreativityAndProcessI spend a lot of time writing, preparing presentations, teaching, researching, and doing all the other things you would expect a Lean Law Evangelist and Adjunct Professor to do. In other words, I create a lot of content. At one point, I was turning out the equivalent of a full-on blog post every day in

WeNeedAnAppOddly enough for lawyers, a group enthralled with the size of their brains, humans have large brains because of social, not analytical, needs. Scientists questioned over the years why humans evolved to have big brains; what was the environmental pressure that caused the evolutionary adaptation? A consensus has formed around the social aspect of our

KillthePyramidMost lawyers I know value hierarchies. It starts with their undergraduate education. Lawyers were the students who competed to get into the best schools. The hierarchy, of course, was school rankings. Of course, not everyone got into the best schools (I’m skipping what “best” means; for this purpose it means ranked higher). But, they generally