Last week we had two events that drew interest. The first, of course, was the NFL draft. Hundreds of players competed for a career that lasts on average 2.66 years (down from 4.99 years in 2008). The total number of NFL players hovers around 1,700. Around 25% of the players end each year injured or

Profit-CenterFour years ago, a person parking in the company parking lot dinged the door on my new  truck. He or she opened their car door too wide. At the time, I thought, “wow, I could file a lawsuit for damages and become the new profit center for my family.” Okay. I thought something else (which

White DwarfNow that 2016 is more than a month behind us, law firms have moved through reporting the year’s financial results to partners and into compensation discussions. This is the time of year when equity partners puff up their chests and emphasize their importance to the firms and compensation committee members attempt to placate thousands of

OpaqueOpaque. That is the word many use to describe the law. Court decisions written in ways that confuse and bewilder the ordinary reader (who, nevertheless, is presumed to know the law), doctrines from a time long ago when the horse drawn carriage was still the preferred mode of transportation, and rules that define a time

EconomicsAs that portion of the legal industry focused on corporations goes through another end of year cycle, it is tempting to say, as I and others have done, that the “large corporate law market” operates outside the normal principles of economics. How can it be that large law firms, facing lower demand for services, keep

I recently had an interesting conversation with one of my Twitter followers. He had challenged my use of a certain social media tool. He pointed out that many studies show the tool is ineffective. These studies use data gathered from a broad swath of Twitter users. He was relying on studies that used data which

OverhireWhat might be cause for cheers today is really another warning shot across the bow. The growth in law department hiring will be followed by a dark period as law departments shrink. General counsel can avoid some troubled times ahead if they don’t overhire and modernize their practices now.

Most lawyers believe they are mostly

CallMeOne of the great privileges of doing what I do is having entrepreneurs call me to talk about their ideas. Many of the conversations I have are very interesting and enjoyable. The entrepreneurs are excited, they have thought long and hard about the problems they are trying to solve, and they are doing creative things

CanaryCoalMineHyperbole aside, the legal industry is going through change and not handling it particularly well. Each year we get another crop of surveys telling us what the industry looks like, and the game is to piece together the bits of data and try to tell a story. This year is no different. So, I’m going