SecretSauceStarting in the 1970s and continuing for many years, one of the major fast food chains ran ads that featured a catchy jingle: “two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun.” The jingle was well done and, unlike many jingles and commercials in general, you immediately associated

LackofStrategyTo succeed, you must embrace two rules about strategy. First, without a strategy your chance of success is near zilch. Second, whatever your strategy, it is wrong. Without a strategy, you will waste time on things irrelevant to success. With a strategy, your activities will focus on making that strategy successful. Whatever your strategy it

It is not about having time, it is about making timeWhat it takes to be a general counsel and what you are expected to do as a general counsel, are shifting. Joy Saphla, a managing director in Duff & Phelps’ Legal Management Consulting practice, has a good post on Inside Counsel titled, “Tips for new GCs: Developing a strategy, and why you need one.” I

Favorite leadership postsMany of you are enjoying a nice, quiet Friday after Christmas and are catching up on a little reading. Others are enjoying a nice, quiet Friday in the office and also are catching up on a little reading. Either way, it is a good time to reflect on some of the posts out of the

It’s the day after turkey day here in the US and that means we have a brief break before we sprint to the end of the year. I’ve been looking through the SeytLines posts as I organize for next year and I’ve grouped a few of the more popular ones around some themes. In case

In the UK, the march toward democratization of legal services delivery continues as

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more firms are granted ABS (Alternative Business Structure) licenses and clarify their plans to take over part of the legal services market. So far, much of the attention is focused in the sub-markets for individual

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When I started my in-house law career, it wasn’t hard to find a Fortune 500 company that had very modest business activity outside the US. In fact, I joined such a company when I moved from law firm to law department. For our law department,

The legal transformation underway is, in some ways, an effort by lawyers to catch up. Finance, marketing, operations, logistics, and other corporate departments have been focusing on productivity for decades. Now that lawyers are under the “more for less” pressure, we are catching up to our peers on that productivity curve. The situation isn’t unusual,