OverhireWhat might be cause for cheers today is really another warning shot across the bow. The growth in law department hiring will be followed by a dark period as law departments shrink. General counsel can avoid some troubled times ahead if they don’t overhire and modernize their practices now.

Most lawyers believe they are mostly

LumpOfLawyersImagine the world of law in the United States as a fixed amount of legal work that needs doing. That fixed amount includes all the legal services lawyers do for large corporations, individuals, criminals, and others. One recent estimate put the market for legal services by lawyers in the United States at about $275 billion.

As I worked my way through college, minimum wage jobs (as a baby boomer) were all that I could find. They did, however, provide a steady source of income and, along with loans and scholarships, I was able to pay my way. My children all had their first work experiences in minimum wage jobs, learning