DNARemember those crime shows on television? You know the ones I mean. The bad guys committed the crime, the police investigated the crime, the forensics lab solved tricky scientific problems, and the DAs  prosecuted the crime, and the jury delivered a verdict. Everything was tied a neat bow. In one hour, injustice and justice combined.

HoneymoonersI grew up watching the first runs and in some cases re-runs of great, early sitcoms. The Honeymooners (1955-1956). The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966). The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968). I Love Lucy (1951-1957). Each of these shows featured pioneers in television comedy. They have been so influential, that if you watch sitcoms today (something


The first week, we started down the path of evaluating the cost of process improvement for a law department. This week, we finish that analysis and start to look at process improvement from the law firm’s perspective.

We ended last week on a cliffhanger: how to solve the following equation:

ROI Formula

This should not be a

Not your father's / mother's lean thinkingNot that long ago, I gave a presentation with a few co-presenters, one of whom had been involved with lean thinking for as long as I have (decades). We both came to lean through manufacturing roles, but then our paths diverged. He remained in manufacturing, but today he is bringing lean to service industries as

The good times are here. Stock market indices are high. Despite questionable economic growth, investors are putting money into equities. Most companies are not in crash-and-burn mode. So why should you prep your law department for a downturn?

Prepare for a Downturn When Your are on an Upturn

First, leaders should always have a backup